Planers And Routers


         A planer is a metalworking and carpentry tool used to smoothen out wooden structures or surfaces that have rough spots, by cutting them out in thin layers and leveling the final surface. A very simple and effective tool, a planer is actively used in flattening, reducing the thickness and imparting a smooth surface to rough or blunt piece of timber or lumber. With the help of planers, one can easily produce vertical, horizontal or flat inclined surfaces on work pieces that are pretty large to shape and handle. Planers are similar to shapers but are usually large in size. These planers are easy to adjust and are competent enough in performing numerous tasks. There are different types of planers that are used for undertaking different types of tasks such as electric planers, wood planers, power planers, concrete planers, etc. These planers are majorly used for linear planing and helical planing. features a wide array of highly efficient and effective planers for undertaking surfacing and smoothening jobs with utmost ease and comfort. You can now shop online from our portal and get planers that redefine your working into a more hassle-free and simple format.

         At, we have ensured to feature only those products that are of renowned and top notch brands. Thus, we have listed best in class and advanced planers of best and experienced companies namely Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Dewalt, metabo etc. These planers are 100% original and adhere to high quality and safety standards. In order to meet diversified needs and requirements, we have listed different types of planers namely, electric planer, wood planer, concrete planer, power planer, portable planer, rebating planer, etc. In addition to this, we have even categorized these planers according to different specifications. Hence, buyers can easily choose planers according to price range, brand name, type, planing width, cutting depth, cutting width, availability, etc. While you are exploring products on our portal, you will be delighted to find special offers, attractive discounts, bulk discounts, etc. on a wide variety of products.

Planers And Routers

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